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  • THE WEATHER CHANNEL (Free) Doesn’t matter what kind of trip you’re on – knowing the weather makes it easier to pack, travel, and be prepared. View more about The Weather Channel
  • Weatherbug (Free) Want a weather app with all of the features? ... 
  • Weather Channel (Free) A weather planning app that allows a traveler plan up to two weeks in advance.
  • AccuWeather (Free) An award-winning weather predicting app.
  • Swackett (Free) A weather predicting app using "peeps", or people symbols dressed appropriately.
  • Ultraweather (Free)​ This app help you to know about the weather and plan for a trip.

What apps can I install on my phone to make my travel experience easier?


  • Foodie (Free) An app that will help you take your best pictures while traveling.
  • ​Yelp (Free) This app will help you locate local businesses, like restaurants, clothing and souvenir shops, etc.
  • Foursquare (Free) This app will help the user to discover and share info about attractions and businesses in the area.
  • EAT24 (Free) An app to use in the USA to order and have food delivered where you are.


  • Tripadvisor (Free) While it is used for it’s many features, my favorite part of Tripadvisor is the review section. You can read traveler’s opinions about hotels, landmarks, museums- everything. Or you can review places yourself! You can use TripAdvisor to compare hotel prices, explore restaurants by food type, discover things to do and see in any chosen point of the world. Must have app!
  • Viator (Free)  Features the best local activities; in-depth descriptions, discounts and much more.
  • Triposo (Free) This app is basically a complete guide to everything travel.​
  • Estate Golden Hour (Free) Helps to plan your best shots.  As a photographer, this is a great app to have for the perfect lighting.


  • Google Maps (Free) - The ultimate app for maps, driving and transit directions, restaurants, and attractions, now available offline.
  • AROUNDME (Free) - Need an ATM? Want to go to a movie? Looking for a local restaurant that’s nearby? AroundMe has you covered! Whether you’re at home or traveling, AroundMe provides easy access to everything around you all in one app. View more about AroundMe.
  • Foursquare (Free) - An app to help keep track of friends and family. It also allows one to collect points for use and eventually coupons and discounts.

Come see the world with me,

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  • Google Translate (Free) Translate to and from every major language by typing, talking, drawing, or pointing your phone camera at printed text, even without an internet connection. I use this when traveling to foreign countries
  • Duolingo (Free) Learning foreign languages.  I love this app and have been using it for five years to upgrade my skills in German and French, as well as learn Italian. 
  • Kurrency (Free) convert kilometers to miles and pounds to kilograms.
  • XE Currency Converter (Free) A realtime currency calculator that can instantly obtain the exchange rate for any number of currencies, all at once.
  • What’s App (Free) — If you don’t want to pay for international minutes or data on your phone, you can keep your phone on airplane mode and utilize messaging apps on WiFi to stay in touch with friends 
  • Any Local Metro app (Free) - With a quick search, you can find a metro app for almost every major city in Europe. Some of them will only show you a picture of the lines, while the others let you plan your trip from point A to point B with the local transport (e.g. BKK futár in Budapest). Either way, download the metro app for European cities in advance, you can use most of them offline while in the city. Available on: quick search in the Play Store or iTunes (City name+metro)
  • Amount (99 cents) — Likewise, it’s helpful to have an app on hand that can convert kilometers to miles and pounds to kilograms. An app like this one will come in super handy.​

Apps are some of the best things that you can bring along with you while you are traveling.  Apps can save you money, help you understand languages in foreign countries, find your way around and help cut down time spent in lines.  Many of these are relatively new, and looking at what they offer, I wouldn't be caught without them!

I have several apps on my phone that I installed some time ago.  They range from translation apps to apps that find places in the place where you are staying.  One that I use all of the time, is my Google translator.  I love it for translating everyday messages on Facebook to sending messages to friends who are not fluent in English.  This app is especially helpful in foreign countries as it will translate what I write in english into any language, written or spoken. It's very helpful when in a restaurant or shopping in a country in which you don't know the language.  GasBuddy is another app I discovered recently that I have to put on my phone.  Even though I rarely drive overseas, it is a great app to save money even in town.  

The following is a list of some recent and classic apps that have been proven very useful for many travelers:


  • HotelTonight (Free)  Last minute accommodation booking
  • Airb&b (Free to download, $38 USD off your first booking with our referral code)
  • Hostelworld (Free) 33,000 hostels in more than 170 countries. It’s a great app for finding hostels, booking hostels and get last minute deals. Keep in mind that it also has hotels and b&b’s.  A perfect app for travelers of all kinds and ages.
  • ​Tingo (Free) A new hotel booking site the automatically rebooks traveler's hotel reservations at a lower rate and refunds the difference to your credit card.
  • ​ An online marketplace for buying and selling discounted hotel rooms.  Save up to 80%!


  • HERE WeGo (Free) Plans the perfect itinerary for you
  • TripIt (Free) Organize your entire trip itinerary from a single app, and edit a trip together with your friends and family.
  • Holiday Extras (Free) - A UK based app that helps one prep everything!
  • Google Trips (Free)​ - Trip planner and guide for those visiting new places.
  • Packpoint (Free)  Packing list organizer and planner for serious packing. 


  • Uber (Free to download, $10 off your first ride with promo code THIRFTYN10FALL) Instantly summon a private driver to your location from your smartphone. Cheaper, safer (no “taxi scams”), and more convenient (set your destination and pay in app) than a taxi while travelling.
  • Any airline’s official app (Free) It’s no secret that airline’s give you discounts on different platforms you follow them. Sometimes it helps to subscribe to their email list to get exclusive content and promotion, and some airlines offer discounts on their official app. Always check the app before buying your ticket.  Available on a quick search in the Play Store or iTunes
  • Flight Aware (Free)  Track important information about your flight like boarding time, terminal and gate number, and delays, all from a slick, easy-to-use interface.
  • Waze traffic app (Free) Provides up to date traffic information, reliable directions, and find places to park.
  • Sky Scanner (Free) A flight search app that offers price alerts and broad searching to get the best flight prices every time.
  • Cruise Finder (Free)  One of the most comprehensive cruise apps out there. It provides cruise information on 32 different cruise lines and 25 different destinations.​
  • SeatGuru (Free)  This app is a source for airline seats, amenities, information, and other items.
  • Google Flights (Free)A Google feature similar to Expedia, but has additional features such as one that project the cheapest time to fly to a given place.

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  • GASBUDDY (Free) - GasBuddy is a MUST have for any road trip. Users submit gas prices all throughout the country so wherever you’re going, you can find the cheapest place to fill up.
  • FlightTrack 5 (Free) - Keep track of all of your flight info in one place.
  • Splitwise (Free) - Traveling in a pack? Track your group’s expenses in this easy-to-use app​
  • Service (Free) - When you sync your email with Service, the app monitors all your booked flight and hotel reservations. ... 
  • Trail Wallet (Free for the first 25 items) Popular with budget travelers, Trail Wallet allows users to track all their travel expenses in more than 200 currencies. ... 
  • Getaround (Free) A car rental app that allows one to rent a car from a member or rent your own.