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Packing cubes

I got these from Amazon and just love them for travel.  It keeps my suitcase organized and I know what is where.  I don't have to dig through the whole case to find something,

LUSH Solid Shampoo

With the limitations of traveling with liquids, this is surely a wonderful substitute.  It is lighter and solid, so it won't spill and follows travel standards

Numinous Packs Anti-Theft Travel Daypack, 25 Liter

Scrubba Travel Wash Bag

Most people don't know where to go in a foreign country to launder their clothing, so this is a great convenience.  A woolite soap sheet and a little water from a sink and you are ready to go.

North Face Thermo Ball Jackets

Lewis N. Clark On Air Adjustable and Inflatable Neck Pillow 

This item is perfect for Travel so I always bring an inflatable neck pillow along on long trips to Europe or Australia now.

Camping, Hiking, and Outdoor Life

Travels Gadget that make the journey easier!


In big cities there is always some source of light that we can rely on.  However, in the woods or bush, it can be pitch black.  A headlamp or flashlight are important items to carry for self protection. 

Wire/gadget organization system Skooba Cable Stable
This gadget is invaluable for keeping all of your electronics together.  I know my cords tend to tangle when in an airplane.  By using this item you can make your trip less stressful.

North Face Rain Jacket

I am always getting caught in places when the weather changes quickly and I'm freezing.  This jacket will help you keep warm and dry.

Staying Safe - You And Your Valuables


Keep your clothes clean with laundry sachets. You don't have to take liquids any longer!  These keep your luggage weight down and with no liquids, doesn't spill.  Very convenient for traveling!

The Little Sun - High quality solar lamp

Luggage Organizers

Tentsile Connect Tree Tent​ or small ground tent. photo photo

New this month:  World Cuisine 

Italian and German recipes 

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Sewing kit Merchant & Mills Rapid Repair Kit
For the best combination of sewing tools, take along a complete sewing kit to repair clothing or replace buttons. photo photo

Travel Blanket

Recently a great many airlines dispensed with blankets, and I found myself cold on a domestic flight. This little blanket doesn't take much room and will come in handy during any type of flight.

Amazon -

Travel toothbrush

If you're like me, always on the go while traveling, a foldable toothbrush is much more convenient to travel with than those we use every day, and fits into a smaller area. photo photo


This is a must when traveling.  It helps boost your immune system and makes you less susceptible to bugs that travel with you on the plane or viruses where you are going on vacation.

First Aid Kit

No one should travel without a first aid kit.  I think everyone has a horror story in which they learned how valuable one can be.

Tangle Teezer is literally The Best Hairbrush,

This Clever Tank Top with Secret Pockets

TSA approved lock

Travel Adapted Supplies

Lush Solid Conditioner

A great little companion to their solid shampoo.

Health Essentials

Amazon toiletry organizer

I carry a toiletry organizer that I purchased through my oil company, but you can purchase one through Amazon.

Laundry soap and shampoo sheets(

No need to remember the TSA carry-on ratio! Add water and the sheet will dissolve to wash clothing, or hair and hands instantly. The packs also come in shaving, body wash, and hand soap versions.

Travel kettle

A great little product to take with you when camping!

Pegless washing line Amazon

This is something I could have used on my first trip to Berlin 40 years ago.  I lost several items because there wasn't time or anywhere to let them dry.

Compression Socks

These type of socks come in handy for long distance travel, especially for older folks like myself to keep from developing blood clots in the legs sitting down for such a long time.  I wished that these were available during my previous flights to Australia.

Amazon -

Pocket Picnic and Beach Blanket


Absolutely a must for a long flight to keep the blood in your legs circulating between trips to the bathroom.  This is something I will get before my next trip to Australia. photo

My travels have always been interesting and always eventful.  But it is when I run into things like people with infectious diseases or hurt myself, that I need something to save my vacation from ruin.  Thankfully, I have never become sick while on a trip, but several years ago, while on a trip to Italy I hadn't been stringent about disinfecting my area, I picked up the the virus that causes mono and was sick for months afterwards.

Traveling, although it is supposed to be relaxing and a vacation from your life, can be stressful.  This can be because of carrying heavy luggage, finding places to wash clothes, or comfort on a plane.  Many times we find that stress on the body may cause a trip to go south quickly.  When we prepare ahead of time with things like light blankets for a cold plane, first aide kit for emergencies, or just mini items for travel, we can save ourselves time, stress, and provide comfort.  The following is a list of items and gadgets that may help your trip from turning into a nightmare.  

Many people don't like to shop Amazon, for various reasons, but I find it had all of the bells and whistles for traveling that other places may not have.  I have included all of the Amazon connections and pictures from their website I can to help you along.  Please look these up on other sites if you wish, as there are many others on the web that have perfectly marvelous products.

Sleep Mask

Another must for traveling long distances.  Trips from my city to Australia involve 3 legs, but the longest is 20 hours from Los Angeles to Sydney.  I always sleep away at least 6 or those hours.  With so many people reading and watching movies, a sleep mask is a convenient way to block out the light.

Compression bags

Lifesystems Portable Mosquito Killer

Wherever you are in the world, mosquitos are the biggest carriers of disease, and kill more people than any other animal or insect.  Here in America we have Zika Virus and Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) that are two of the most recent.  In Africa, there are any number.  Help protect yourself with this system.

Trtl Pillow

Scientifically Proven Neck Support Travel Pillow makes traveling much more comfortable.  I always like to sleep on a plane.  It helps the time go so much faster, but not when I am uncomfortable.

Travel Umbrella

I have a very small bumper shoot that I carry in my purse wherever I go now.  This umbrella is a bit smaller.  Either are invaluable when traveling.  

A Solar power bank

Such an important thing to carry when one is camping or away from power sources! Compatible/dp/ B07FPHHNDL/ref=sr_1_7keywords=A+Solar+power+bank&qid=1551317923&s=gateway&sr=8-7

Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle

Because the cost of water is so expensive in the airports and because plastic has become such an extreme part of land and water pollution, this item is a god-send. photo

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Antibacterial Wipes and spray

​Clorox wipes are great for travel to wipe eating surfaces on airplanes and restaurants.  I usually take Thieves Antibacterial spray along to sanitize the areas that I will be using. photo photo

Bed Sheet / Sleeping Bag Liner

When traveling, especially to youth hostels, you may sometimes find that you will need to provide your own sheets.  Always check before you go to see whether this is something needed during your stay.  But if you are unsure of where you may be staying or where you are going, this is a great addition to traveling in uncertain situations too.

Special Travel Clothing and Cloth Items

Lululemon active ware and compression leggings photo

On The Plane

Quick Dry Microfiber Towel